Published: Aug. 22, 2013

By Chris Schaefbauer, CUSG, President of Student Affairs
      Susan Stafford, Director, Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations

As we kick off the school year, let's take a moment to recognize our place in the city of Boulder community. With many of us living in neighborhoods, among families and individual residents, we have the responsibility to take care of the community we live in and respect the people around us.

Here are a few ways we can be good neighbors to our fellow classmates and Boulder residents:

  • Smile! Boulder is the number one college town in the U.S.
  • Get to know your neighbors, make a connection, and give them your phone number.
  • Be safe. Always keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Keep the community safe by leaving your porch light on at night.
  • Keep the community looking vibrant! If you see litter or trash in your yard or in the street, pick it up.
  • Keep noise levels down at all hours of the day; there are laws about this.
  • When hosting a party off campus, consider Party Registration: Unlike a nuisance party ticket, registering your party is free.
  • If you receive a noise complaint about your house, police dispatch will call and give you a warning. You will have 20 minutes to shut the party down, avoiding the police and a ticket.

Let’s be conscious of where we live, who we live next to, and how we can make the city of
Boulder a better, cleaner and safer place!