Published: Nov. 1, 2012

By Chris Schaefbauer, CUSG Director of Health and Safety

As we move further into fall and approach the end of daylight saving time (Nov. 4), it will be getting darker earlier. The lighting in Boulder helps keep us safe, however only when it is working. Streetlights can go out at anytime and it's important to report any malfunctioning lights. This includes lights that are either completely out or flickering on and off.

To make the reporting process easier, we are asking that people email the student government directly so that we can address the lighting concerns, both on-campus and around the city. If you find a light that is not functioning properly, we ask that you email the student government at We will make sure that the outage gets reported to the proper authority and repaired.

And remember, staying safe requires more than good lighting! Here are some tips for staying safe in the dark:

  • Use the buddy system when you go out
  • Walk in well lit areas
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Put away your phone and other distractions while walking