Published: April 22, 2008

For CU Board of Regents Special Meeting

Tuition Increase for FY 08-09

• Based on the CU system's main revenue sources – tuition, fees and state funding – the university is recommending a 9.3 percent tuition increase for resident undergraduate students on the CU-Boulder campus.

• The CU Board of Regents voted 7-2 today to approve the recommended tuition increases.

• Students who are classified as a Pell level I, II or III student (lower income students) will not pay more than 5 percent more for tuition next year. About 40 percent of CU-Boulder students are in these categories.

• CU-Boulder's resident student tuition and fees rate is currently 89 percent of the average resident student tuition and fees charged by peer institutions.

• The state mandates that when tuition increases above the rate of inflation (2.2 percent for 08-09), 20 percent of the revenue earned from the increases above inflation must go to student financial aid.

• Student financial aid is the fastest growing component of the university's budget.

Dwindling State Funding

• State appropriations per student to CU in 2007-08 are only 85 percent of state appropriations per student five years ago.

• When state budget cuts began in FY 02-03, CU received $4 for every $5 the university raised from tuition. By comparison, CU currently receives $2 in state funding for every $5 of tuition revenue that it raises.

• CU's expenses have gone up faster than the state funding it receives.

Proposed Tuition Increase is Lower Than Figure Legislature Approved in Current Budget Bill

• The Colorado Legislature has approved legislation giving CU permission to raise tuition on the CU-Boulder campus by up to 9.5 percent. But the increases being recommended to the Board of Regents are lower.

Total Student Enrollment

• 29,000 at CU-Boulder