Published: April 17, 2000

So you thought engineers couldn’t communicate?

Colorado Engineer Magazine, a publication by CU-Boulder engineering students since 1904, continued a long tradition of excellence, winning six awards, including three first-place awards, at the national 2000 Engineering College Magazines Associated annual conference. The conference was held April 6-8 in Berkeley, Calif.

CEM is a free publication featuring articles on technology and other areas of student interest. The magazine is distributed three times a year across the CU-Boulder campus. Students volunteer their time to write, edit, design, produce and sell advertising for the magazine, while attending classes.

First-place awards were received in the categories of best layout single issue, best layout all issues and best single issue. Second-place awards included best single cover and best art and photography all issues. An honorable mention was received for most entertaining feature.

The fall 1999 issue, which received four of the six awards, featured a cover story called "The Sky’s the Limit," by incoming editor-in-chief Dan Nikolich. The article describes how skyscrapers have become increasingly taller in a race for the tallest building in the world. Other stories in the issue included an opinion article on engineering stereotypes, a research article about combating tuberculosis with ultraviolet light, interviews with some early women engineering alumni and a description of the college’s new Discovery Learning Initiative.

CEM also is available online at