School Of Education Grants Scholarships

Published: Dec. 28, 1997

The School of Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder has awarded 18 scholarships to individuals who met specific criteria for academic merit, commitment to teaching, effectiveness in teaching and financial need.

The Adopt-A-Teacher program provides scholarships of $1,000 and is intended especially for students during their student-teaching semester when they must pay full tuition but cannot work because they are student teaching full-time.

Adopt-A-Teacher scholarships also support veteran teachers returning to complete a master’s degree as part of the professional Enrichment Program, which CU-Boulder offers in conjunction with its six partnership school districts.

Some scholarships were designated for specific areas of study such as social studies and English education or bilingual and multicultural education.

Following are some of the CU-Boulder recipients.


• Kelly Kemper of Denver received the DiStefano Honor Scholarship. She is the daughter of Al and Kathi Kemper of Colorado Springs.

• Frank J. O’Cana of Boulder received the Judy Carol Crites Heron Scholarship. He is the son of Darrell and Sophie O’Cana of Pagosa Springs, Colo.

• Sarah Puff of Boulder received the Calvin and Florence Grieder Scholarship. She is the daughter of Byron and Suzy Puff of New Castle, Colo.

• Sheena Bane Robertson of Boulder received the Diane Everingham Graduate Fellowship. She is the daughter of Brian and Jennifer C. Robertson of Boulder.

• Paul J. Stecina of Conifer received an Adopt-A-Teacher Award, contributed by Martha R. Smith of Winnetka, Ill. He is the son of Paul and Louise Stecina of Conifer, Colo.


• Valarie Diaz-Agnello of Boulder received the Ratliff/Sawyer-Ratliff Scholarship. She is the daughter of Hector and Rose Diaz of East Stroudsburg, Penn.

• Lynn Gray of Boulder received an Adopt-A-Teacher Award, contributed by Victoria Schmidt of St Louis, Mo. Lynn is the daughter of Bill and Shirley Gray of Goodland, Kan.

• Ashley Simpson of Boulder received the Emery and Evelyn Stoops Scholarship. She is the daughter of John Simpson and Dana Sharp of Hot Springs, Ark.

• Melinda Talcott of Louisville received the Michael Gendron “Excellence In Teaching” Scholarship. She is the daughter of Fredrick Talcott of Cleveland, Ohio, and Janet Talcott of Hackensack, N.J.

• Christine Walderhaug of Littleton received the Edythe V. Billingslea Scholarship. She is the daughter of Milena Walderhaug of Orlando, Fla.