The 2012 Energy Justice Conference and Technology Expo is fast approaching.

Eventbrite - 2012 Energy Justice Conference and Technology Exposition

Access to energy is a pre-requisite for lasting social and economic development.  The Other Third- around 2 to 3 billion people worldwide -  have little or no access to beneficial energy for cooking, heating, water sanitation, illumination, transportation, or basic mechanical needs. Their energy poverty exacerbates ill health and economic hardship, leads to millions of deaths, and reduces educational opportunities, particularly for women and children.

The Center for Energy and Environmental Security (CEES) is predicated on energy justice, and is working to develop practical strategies and solutions for moving the Other Third toward a global sustainable energy future. A future based on appropriate sustainable energy technologies (ASETs). Two projects show the way:

  1. Ayaviri, Peru. Now in its third year, this project illustrates the feasibility of addressing both global warming and energy poverty simultaneously through the deployment of improved cookstoves and community development. It demonstrates a replicable, bottom-up approach to improving energy access.
  2. The Partnership for the Relief of Energy Poverty (PREP) seeks to promote collaboration among multiple stakeholders for the commercial design, fabrication, deployment, and use of ASETs through the creation of regional alliances around the world.