A Broadway Christmas Carol

'A Broadway Christmas Carol' created by Kathy Feininger


General Theatre Auditions for the Department of Theatre’s 2017-2018 productions will take place on two separate dates in the academic year:

Fall Auditions                        Saturday August 26, 2017

Spring Auditions                   Saturday January 13, 2018

The shows being cast at the Fall Auditions on Sat 8/26/2017 will be:

  • The Adding Machine, by Elmer Rice.
    A landmark of American Expressionism, Elmer Rice's 1923 play tells the timeless story of a glum accountant’s descent into oblivion when he discovers he’s been replaced by a machine. Directed by Cecilia Pang. In the University Theatre, September 29 - October 8
  • Photograph 51, by Anna Zeigler.
    A landmark of American Expressionism, Elmer Rice's 1923 play tells the timeless story of a glum accountant’s descent into oblivion when he discovers he’s been replaced by a machine. Directed by Elise Collins. A 509 Production in the Acting Studio. October 11-15   
  • The Long Christmas Ride Home, by Paula Vogal.
    On the icy road home from a disastrous Christmas celebration, a family of five is forever changed by one traumatic moment. This experimental play uses traditional Japanese puppetry to explore what keeps families together and what tears them apart. Directed by Sarah Johnson. In the Loft Theatre. October 18-22
  • A Doll House, by Henrick Ibsen.
    Toyed with like a child’s doll, first by her father and then by her husband, a frustrated Nora breaks free from her suffocating marriage … and the bonds of 19th-century society. Directed by Ina Marlowe, Roe Green Visiting Guest Artist. In the University Theatre. November 3-12
  • The Marriage of Bette and Boo, by Christopher Durang.
    Bette and Boo seem to be the perfect couple … until unforeseen tragedy drives her to God and him to the bottle. This often hilarious, often heartbreaking portrait of a married couple in the 1950s, as narrated by their grown son, is a touching journey in love and loss. Directed by Nolan Cary. A 509 Production in the Acting Studio. November 28 - December 3
  • Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl.
    In this poetic, powerful rendition of a classic Greek myth, Orpheus’ bride is the protagonist. In her journey to the Underworld, Eurydice reunites with the father she loves and struggles to remember the soulmate she left on Earth. Directed by Niki Tulk. In the Loft Theatre. December 6-10

The shows being cast at the Spring Auditions on Sat 1/13/2018 will be:

  • We are the Wake, by Ayla Sullivan.
    On a journey to New York’s Hart Island to visit loved ones buried in unmarked mass graves, four women discover secrets, lost souls … and themselves. Directed by Kelsey Kinzer.  In the Loft Theatre. February 7-11
  • Animal Farm, adapted by Nelson Bond. Based on the novel by George Orwell
    After disgruntled animals on Mr. Jones’s farm overthrow their human leader, all is well … until it isn’t. George Orwell’s heartbreaking allegorical masterpiece about revolution and counter-revolution comes to life in the intimate Acting Studio. Directed by Jacob Rasmussen. A 509 Production in the Acting Studio. February 14-18   
  • Everyman, adapted by Carol Ann Duffy.
    When death comes calling, how will you measure your time on Earth? This visceral retelling of a 15th-century morality play begs the world to consider the value of compassion and charity over material possessions and individualism. Directed by William Lewis. In the University Theatre. February 23 - March 4
  • The Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare.
    In Shakespeare’s unforgettable farce, two pairs of identical twins and a troupe of madcap characters make for one hilarious night of music, magic and mistaken identities. Directed by Kevin Rich. In the Loft Theatre. March 14-18
  • Third Annual New Play Festival
    Come see how the next generation of theatre artists views and imagines the world we live in. Each of these exciting, peer-reviewed new plays will receive a staged reading with an audience talkback and discussion with the playwright. In the Acting Studio. April 4-8
  • Hair, by MacDermot. Rado and Ragni
    Let your hair down and let the sun shine in: “Hair” is coming to Boulder! Seize this rare opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of everyone’s favorite tribal love-rock musical. Directed by Bud Coleman. In the University Theatre. April 13-22

Additional Spring Audition dates TBA. The shows being cast will be:
New Play Festival, CU Outreach Spring Tour

For the most current and detailed Audition requirements, please go to the Department's Audition website listed below. 

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