Shredding Policy

ATLAS BuildingPolicy

Beginning in 2009/10 test sheets that are left with us more than four months will be boxed and shredded prior to finals.


We are able to retain exams test sheets submitted to us during the current semester. These are stored in locked and secured file cabinets. However due to the reduction in our office space during the Library renovations we do not have the same capacity as we did in the past. Therefore in preparation for new work being submitted at the end of a semester and at finals we must make room for new exam storage and will be discarding and shredding older test sheets that have not been picked up. This allows for us to securely store the new work in our locked file cabinets.

We ask that you pick up your exams at your earliest convenience if you wish to store them yourself. If you would prefer the sheets be shredded; please let us know and we will mark them to be shredded on a mutually agreed upon date.