Faculty Procedures for Testing and Assessment

Students Taking a TestTo ensure your exam is scored properly:

  1. Please use original scanner answer sheets only. Do not try to duplicate scanner forms.
  2. If you would like scores by class section number, please have the students fill in their section # in the Section ID field. Utilize all four columns, use leading zeroes if necessary.
  3. Tests must be submitted with an answer key filled out on a bubble sheet. 
  4. If you have questions for which you would like to accept alternate answers, require multiple answers or credit any answer please bubble all answers that are applicable on the key, and be sure to specify how you would like them graded when you drop off the exam.
  5. It is possible to give essay questions and have the score from those questions added to the test. If you give essay questions, fill in the score in the Subjective Score field as a whole number. This score can then be added to the student’s total on the objective section. Again, utilize all columns, use leading zeroes if necessary.
  6. Please note that the scanner does not read letters. The circles must be filled in completely, or the scanner will not read names, ID’s or answers.
  7. Please do not make any stray marks along the timing marks (regularly spaced black hash marks) along the side and top of the page.  This may interfere with the scanners ability to read the form.
  8. Please collect the sheets so that all exams have the cut corner at the same end (see bottom right corner).
  9. If you have multiple versions of the exam (e.g. A and B) it is imperitive that the students bubble which version they took, else their exam cannot be graded.
  10. If you would like your scores uploaded to D2L each student must bubble their student ID.