Semester Grading

Students Taking a TestWe at the Testing and Assessment Center want to be your partner in Semester Grading!

Simply let us know at the time of, or before, you administer your first exam. We will set up a semester-long program tailored to your specifications. This will include a cumulative (within 24 hours) turnaround of test scores and reports on student answer sheets you provide us. For this, we charge a (nonrefundable) $37.00 setup fee at the time of your first exam. After that, we only charge $3.50 per class per test or re-grade!

We are flexible with essay and other types of exam scoring, too. Essay grades can be combined with multiple choice questions by your grading of the essay portion first and entering that grade in the CODE area of each student's sheet (right-justified, left zero-filled, so 5 points would be entered as 005). The Essay Answer sheet was designed to facilitate this. Grades from other tests, labs, etc. can be added to your file similarly by entering the grade into the CODE area of each student's sheet on the next test, the final, or on a separate set of answer sheets with the students' names and ID's bubbled in. Your choice! One additional grade can be added per student per sheet. Just be sure to tell us whether the grade is to be added to the current exam or entered as a separate score. You can also send the other scores to be added to the semester grades as an Excel File. Please have these emailed to us at

We will be there for you at finals as well! The first week (December or May) before finals, a report will be generated for each class. Please check these results and have your students check their scores as well. Remember these lists can not be posted with the student or CU ID number or them. We will work hard to quickly resolve any discrepancies.

One week before final exams, you can provide us with a list of any hand corrections, make-up tests, etc., you may have. If you have a large number of changes, you can provide us a diskette file, enter one here, or re-grade the test as a whole.

We also offer you flexibility in final result options: different weights may be used for different exams; the lowest score(s) of any group of test may be dropped; OR the final exam grade may be substituted for one or more missing tests. If you have other requests, please let us know early.

Semester Grading Cumulative Reports include: the section number, ID number, 2-12 exam scores, total semester score, and, optionally, a letter grade. These reports can be sorted by last name, ID, and/or score and either printed or copied to a disk.

We at the Testing and Assessment Center want to be your partner in Semester Grading!