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University of Colorado Online Sustainability Program

Professional Growth for Sustainability Leaders

As public concern for the state of our planet’s natural resources increases, both the private and public sector are looking to take greater responsibility for their impact on the environment and their communities. Professionals with a true understanding of the latest techniques in sustainable practices and the ability to assess, plan, and implement them are in demand across the globe and different sectors of the economy – from government agencies, to health care, to school districts and colleges, and to companies large and small.

Develop Actionable Skills

To create a greener, cleaner economy for future generations and to address a growing need for skilled professionals in the workforce, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Sustainable Practices Program is proud to offer our Professional Non-credit Certificates in Business or Community Sustainability Management fully-online.

As a student, you’ll develop skills that will help you create and execute high-level sustainability programs and policies, guiding a business, nonprofit, or civic organization to not only a decreased environmental impact, but increased operational efficiency – knowledge that can make you an indispensable part of any team.

Engage with Top Industry Practitioners and Peers

The University of Colorado-Boulder has been a pioneer of environmental research and sustainable practices for more than half a century. Sustainability is a core mission of the university and the greater city of Boulder at large, which allows us to attract experts in the field to our passionate learning community.

Every facet of the online sustainability management programs was exhaustively designed by veteran CU-Boulder faculty, nationally and internationally respected sustainability leaders along Colorado's Front Range, and leaders within the renowned Environmental Center. You’ll participate in seminars guided by multiple industry experts with real-world experience in the implementation of sustainable initiatives.

The program’s focused, practical seminars include:

  • Fundamentals of Sustainability and Resource Management
  • Organizational Change and Communication Strategies
  • Applied Sustainability: Planning, Implementation, and Assessment
  • Business Sustainability Management
  • Community Sustainability Management


During the first three seminars, you’ll learn at your own pace, allowing you to absorb knowledge,  practice skills, and engage in discussion with classmates at a pace that suits your schedule. In the fourth seminar, you’ll interact directly with faculty through our intuitive online portal and take part in engaging discussions with fellow students that share your passion. The fully-online format allows you to work through seminars conveniently—all from the comfort of home.

We invite you to explore the program and the ways in which it can prepare you for an incredible, impactful career in sustainability.

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