Academics & Research Related to Sustainability

Wind engineer graduate students

Research Centers & Institutes

Degree, Academic, and Certificate Programs

CU-Boulder provides diverse educational opportunities related to sustainability in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and degree programs offered through our schools, colleges, and research institutes and centers. These opportunities include a broad range of courses on topics such as sustainable energy, Renewable Sources and Efficient Electrical Energy Systems, and anthropology of energy, and degree programs that prepare students for careers and graduate schools in fields related to sustainability..

Peak to Peak Project

The Peak to Peak (P2P) Project provides faculty with forward thinking resources to formidably integrate themes of sustainability throughout the curriculum at the University of Colorado Boulder and beyond. P2P is principally motivated by the needs and desires of the teaching faculty on campus to weave in tenets of sustainability. P2P therefore comprises a network of individuals (faculty, researchers, students, facilities management) and initiatives (centers, institutes) on campus all seeking to integrate sustainability into the larger learning environment at CU.

CU Green Labs Program

The CU Green Labs Program focuses on energy conservation, water conservation and material waste reduction in CU-Boulder’s approximately 400 laboratories by pursuing changes that can be made at the lab member and equipment level in addition to changes at the building level. Importantly, the program uses a collaborative, team approach to conservation involving lab members, lab department administrators, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), and the Environmental Center.

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