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School of Education

Language and Literacy Across the Curriculum

EDUC 4232, 3 semester hours, Section 101, Class No. 16436
EDUC 5235, 3 semester hours, Section 101, Class No. 16437
Session A: June 1–July 2, 2015
William Mc Ginley
Explores the relationship between language and learning with the goal of developing teaching practices that engage students in using language as a tool for understanding and constructing meaning across the curriculum. Explores how language/literacy take on different forms and functions in different social contexts and academic disciplines.

Teaching K-12 Mathematics: Geometry and Measurement

EDUC 5830, 3 semester hours, Section 200, Class No. 19249
Session B: July 7–August 7, 2015
David Webb, Michael Matassa
Provides an opportunity to explore how to foster geometric thinking while examining fundamental mathematical theory underlying the content area of geometry and measurement. Emphasizes investigative approach involving problem solving, reasoning, connections, and communication as well as learning mathematics content in a flexible and conceptual way. Challenges participants to apply their understanding to teaching practices that foster geometric thinking in K-12 learners.