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College of Music

Piano Class 1

MUEL 1115, 1 semester hour, Section 200, Class No. 17666
Session B: July 7–August 7, 2015
Alejandro Cremaschi
Introduces the keyboard and music reading for nonmusic majors with no prior keyboard experience. Studies very easy classical and pop repertoire. Department enforced prereq., no prior keyboard experience or instructor consent required. Formerly EMUS 1115.

Appreciation of Music

◆MUEL 1832, 3 semester hours, Section 200, Class No. 17702
Session B: July 7–August 7, 2015
Jeremy Smith
Provides a basic knowledge of primarily Western music literature and development of discriminating listening habits. Formerly EMUS 1832. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: literature and the arts.

Music in American Culture

◆MUEL 2752, 3 semester hours, Section 101, Class No. 111523
Session A: June 1–July 2, 2015
Daniel Kellogg
Musical masterpieces have been written by American composers in response to the Holocaust, the bombing of Hiroshima, the Vietnam War, slavery in America, the Civil Rights Movement, and the current environmental crisis. Great tragedy has lead to magnificent pieces of art that have sought to understand the human condition and find hope in the wake of profound darkness. “Tragedy and Inspiration” will investigate such pieces from the last 75 years of American history.

History of Jazz

MUEL 3642, 3 semester hours, Section 100, Class No. 17673
Session A: June 1–July 2, 2015
Keith Waters
Studies the distinctly American art form of jazz music from its origins to the present, including the various traditions, practices, historical events, and people most important to its evolution. Formerly EMUS 3642.

◆=fulfills arts and sciences core curriculum