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Program in Environmental Design

Introduction to Computer Graphics Applications: RHINO
ENVD 3152, 3 semester hours, Section 002, Class No. 16123
Monica Wittig

Special Topics: Graphics: Drawing and Alternative Media
ENVD 4322, 3 semester hours, Class No. 19097
Kenneth Renaud

Special Topics: Computer Methods: Revit
ENVD 4352, 3 semester hours, Class No. 16034
Lisa Compton

Special Topics: Social Factors in Design: Landscapes of Climate Change: The Science, Culture, and Design of Adaptability
ENVD 4361, 3 semester hours, Class No. 16119
Kathleen Kambic, Paul Lander, Shawhin Roudbari

Special Topics: Physical Factors in Environmental Design: Open Space Syst: All Species
ENVD 4363, 3 semester hours, Class No. 16114
Stacey Schulte