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Financial Aid

View for details on how to apply for summer financial aid.

Types of Aid Available for Undergraduate Students

There is a variety of aid available, such as grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study.

Types of Aid Available for Graduate Students

Most federal, state, and institutional grants are limited to undergraduate students, but graduate students can apply for federal loans. There are other opportunities on campus such as scholarships and assistantships.

Continuing Education Courses and Financial Aid

View the financial aid limitations based on the type of course you enroll for through Continuing Education.

Nondegree Students

Limited financial aid may be available for nondegree students. Schedule an appointment with the Continuing Education financial aid advisor.

Limited scholarship funds are available for nondegree students. Download the application pdf. The priority application deadline is May 15, 2015. After this date applications will be reviewed and considered on availability of funds on a rolling basis until August 14, 2015.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial aid, with the exception of work-study, will be applied directly to the student’s tuition and fee bill, and any funds exceeding the bill will be refunded to the student’s bank account by direct deposit approximately three days before classes begin.

Financial Aid Policies

Students receiving financial aid are expected to be familiar with a variety of policies such as the Adjustments to Financial Aid Policy, Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, Students Rights and Responsibilities, and more.

Student Employment

The Student Employment website has information about finding a job, employment procedures, pay ranges, and off-campus employment opportunities.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid

For more information, visit the financial aid website, call 303-492-5091, or email