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Program in Environmental Design

Special Topics: Social Factors in Design: Two Degrees: Evaluating and Combating Climate Change
ENVD 4361, 3 semester hours, Section 001, Class No. 18524
Session M: May 12–30, 2014
Kathleen Kambic

Exposes students to contemporary ideas about climate change issues, based on the book, Two Degrees: The Built Environment and Our Changing Climate, by Alisdair MacGregor, et al. Students will be exposed to cutting-edge fundamentals, mitigation strategies, and adaptation strategies. Students will be able to discuss and propose ideas to combat climate change. Students will use Boulder as a case study, especially looking at the recent flood and its aftermath. Students will be required to travel throughout Boulder and possible nearby towns to collect firsthand data about the flood and other environmental conditions. Students will map this data and write analytic and synthetic text about the textbook and their fieldwork.

Special Topics: History and Historiography of Environmental Design: Urban Geography Field Course: A Cultural History of Boulder and Its Environs
ENVD 4364, 3 semester hours, Section 200, Class No. 18526
Session B: July 8–August 8, 2014
Shawhin Roudbari

Explore buildings, urban spaces, and landscapes in and around Boulder to study the urban landscape as one at the intersection of cultural, political, and economic geographies. We will analyze the social and historical context of sites and routes we investigate. This course introduces students to important ideas in cultural landscape studies and urban geography while developing an ability to “read” the city, its spaces, and its buildings. This course combines readings in cultural and urban geography with day trips to parts of Boulder and its environs. City and regional planners, architects, landscape architects, geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, and historians are examples of groups that deeply engage the context of the built environment. This course offers students in these fields the unique ability to engage the city in vivo through pairing readings with daylong excursions in Boulder and its environs.