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Law School

Constitutional Law for Undergraduates

LAWS 4005, 3 semester hours, visit for course details
Session M: May 11–29, 2015
Melissa Hart
This lecture course will be offered to undergraduate students who are interested in a rigorous overview of the United States Constitution in theory and application. Topics covered will include the scope of federal judicial power and separation of powers; due process; and equal protection. Students will engage with both primary (e.g. the Constitution itself and cases interpreting it) and secondary (e.g. scholarly and popular commentary) Constitutional Law source material. Students will also engage in a moot court competition, introducing them to introductory lawyering skills.

Seminar: Law and Literature

LAWS 8458, 2 semester hours, Section 002, Class No. 17646
Session M: May 11–29, 2015
Gabrielle Stafford
An opportunity to study various works of literature with an eye to investigating how the techniques of literary writing resemble and differ from those of legal writing. This seminar also satisfies the upper-level graduation requirement in which a student must produce an intellectually rigorous work of scholarship (this is only the third time that we have ever offered a seminar that satisfies that requirement during the summer session).