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School of Education

Proseminar: Parent and Community Involvement

Dolores Delgado Bernal
Professor of Education and Ethnic Studies
University of Utah

EDUC 5035, 3 semester hours, Section 601, Class No. 18845
Session F: July 20–31, 2015
Assists teachers in building effective partnerships between schools and Latina/o families/communities. The course acquaints learners with necessary foundational ideas such as deficit thinking, community cultural wealth, education, meritocracy, and more. Focuses on models and strategies for improving parent and community involvement in the schools. Discusses administrative concerns, such as parent advisory councils, and instructional concerns, such as helping children with school assignments.

Professor Bernal’s scholarship explores critical raced-gendered epistemologies and home/community knowledge systems. She has published widely and received numerous awards for her work including the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Distinguished Scholar Award.