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New This Summer


Segue into fall with sixteen of some of the most popular summer courses. Among the courses offered from August 3-20 are:

The Human Animal (ANTH 3010)
Modern and Contemporary Literature for Nonmajors (ENGL 3060)
Writing on Business and Society (WRTG 3040)
Critical Leadership Skills (MGMT 3030)

Check out the complete list of Augmester courses.

CU South Denver

This summer your campus can be close to home.

Earn credit toward your CU-Boulder degree by enrolling in courses held at the Liniger Building at CU South Denver – a convenient location for current CU-Boulder students living in the south Denver metro area this summer. Learn more about CU South Denver.

Modern and Contemporary Literature for Non Majors (ENGL 3060)
Quantitative Reasoning and Math Skills (MATH 1012)
First Year Writing and Rhetoric (WRTG 1150)
Global Issues and International Affairs (IAFS 1000)
Shakespeare for Non Majors (ENGL 3000)
Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENVS 1000)
Modern and Contemporary Literature for Non Majors (ENGL 3060)
Topics in Writing: Travel Writing (WRTG 3020)
Calculus 1 (MATH 1300)

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FIRST (Faculty-in-Residence Summer Term)

FIRST brings faculty from around the world to teach in Boulder. 

Queer Black Renaissance (ENGL 5529)
With Gary Edward Holcomb, Professor, Ohio University
Focuses on the extraordinary literary yield by interwar-period radical queer African American and Caribbean authors.

Environments and Peoples: Environment and Human Migration (GEOG 4742, ENVS 4100)
With Robert McLeman, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada
Develop a basic understanding of the physical processes most often associated with environmental migration.

Critical Thinking: Contemporary Topics: Conspiracy Theories (PHIL 3180)
With Stuart Brock, Associate Professor, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Examines philosophical and psychological issues pertaining to conspiracy theories. What is conspiracy theory? Is conspiracy theorizing irrational or immoral?

Topics in Judaism: Meaning after the Holocaust (RLST 4260/5260, JWST 4260)
With Martin Kavka, Associate Professor, Florida State University
The attempted extermination of European Jewry during World War II still makes us question beliefs that we might think make our lives worth living. Look at some of these questions and consider various religious and secular answers.

Advanced Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media: Computer Music (ATLS 4519/5519)
With Miller Puckette, Professor, University of California, San Diego
An introduction to audio synthesis, both in theory and practice, using the Pd program.

Special Topics: Flash Flood Early Warning Systems: The Challenge of Transforming Rainfall Nowcasting into Hazard Assessment (CVEN 5833)
With David Sempere-Torres, Professor, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona
Covers the basic phenomena leading to flash floods as well as recent scientific advancements in forecasting and early warning.

Special Topics: Emerging Technologies and Journalism (JOUR 4871)
With Robert Hernandez, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Explore how news and features articles could change with devices like Google Glass and Oculus Rift and technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Featured Courses

New summer offerings by outstanding CU Faculty. 

Special Topics: Biological Data Management (EBIO 4460)
With Miranda Redmond
Gain valuable and marketable data management skillsets. Learn how to download available biological and climate skillsets, create queries, then visualize the results.

Special Topics: GIS for Ecologists (EBIO 4460)
With Stower Beals and Elizabeth Paulson
Aims to teach students with no GIS background the fundamental ArcGIS skills and techniques required in ecological research.

Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Principles, and Practices (LDSP 3100)
With Johanna Maes
Focuses on leadership theories and skills necessary for effectiveness in multicultural settings.

Special Topics: Complex Leadership Challenges (GEEN 4830)
With Angela Thieman Dino
Approaches leadership as a process of inquiry, empathy, and action, cultivating skills leaders need to understand.

Constitutional Law for Undergraduates (LAWS 4005)
With Melissa Hart
Offered to undergraduates who are interested in a rigorous overview of the United States Constitution in theory and application.

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Online Courses

Explore the opportunity to take courses online with CU-Boulder faculty. 

Calculus 2 for Engineers (APPM 1360) with Silva Chang
Environmental Studies: Crowdsource Mapping (ENVS 3100) with Joel Hartter
Africa under European Colonial Rule (HIST 4258) with Myles Osborne
Seminar in Integrative Physiology: Movement Disorders (IPHY 4010) with Janet Casagrand
Special Topics in International Affairs: Gender, Geopolitics, and Islam (IAFS 3000) with Jennifer Fluri
Social Psychology (PSYC 2606) with Irene Blair
Religion and Contemporary Society (RLST 2400) with Ira Chernus
Sports and the Cold War (RUSS 2222) with Artemi Romanov

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Maymester Courses

Accelerate your academic career with an intensive course during Maymester (May 11-29). 

Screen Printing (ARTS 2423, 3423, 4423, 5423)
Paganism to Christianity (CLAS 2610, PHIL 2610)
Transition to Calculus (IBL): The Theory Applications and Analysis of Functions (MATH 1160)
Business Law, Ethics, and Public Policy (BCOR 3000)
Humanities for Engineers: The Human Quest (HUEN 1010)
Constitutional Law for Undergraduates (LAWS 4005)

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Information Fair

March 11 from 11 am to 2 pm
University Memorial Center, Glenn Miller Ballroom
Discuss your plans with representatives from each college and school and financial aid.