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May 11-29, 2015

One Class. 3 credits. 3 weeks.

Maymester is an INTENSIVE session that allows you to take ONLY ONE course (no exceptions are made). Many of CU-Boulder’s most popular and sought-after courses are offered. Take a course and complete a core or major requirement and still have most of your summer to work, study, travel, relax, or participate in an internship. Focus on one course. Classes are smaller and more interactive. A sense of community develops in the classroom. The accelerated pace means that you should plan on studying three to six hours each day outside of class. Students should attend class every day – missing a day of class is like missing a week of class in the fall and spring semesters. Material is covered quickly and the longer class periods allow for in-depth discussion. Because of the intensive nature of Maymester, you should not add a class you have not attended from the first day.

Maymester is Session M in the course listings and is part of summer session. Grades and tuition are included as part of summer session. All Maymester classes are section 001 unless noted. Complete course descriptions are available at

The most up-to-date course information is available on MyCUInfo or on Course Search.