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You can use the course search feature in web registration, which you can access via MyCUInfo for available sections. Course search allows you to search by subject, level, course number, core requirements, meeting time, session, and for courses that are still open. Course search is updated on a real-time basis, so if you find a course you want to sign up for, you immediately know whether there is room in the course. If you try to register for a course via web registration but you’re denied the course due to the section being closed or cancelled, you can conduct a section search to see if there are any available sections of that same course that fit your schedule. When you’re denied a course, click on the Alt Section search next to the course in the Shopping Cart. If there are any available sections of the course that fit your schedule, you’ll be given the option to add the course (just click on the Add button for the section you want) which will send the course to your Shopping Cart. You can access course search by going to the Student tab of MyCUInfo and then selecting the Search for Classes link.

To search for courses in a particular session, log in to MyCUInfo and select the Search for Classes link then choose Boulder Main Campus. Select Additional Search Criteria, go to Session, and choose the session you would like to use as a filter. Once you hit Search a list of courses will appear. To make the search even narrower, choose a school/college.

If you do not have a CU login and IdentiKey password go to the Course Search to look for available courses.