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Nondegree Students

You may apply as a nondegree student if you:

  • Want to take summer courses but are not currently working toward a degree at CU-Boulder (including students from another institution or another CU campus who wish to take courses at CU-Boulder for the summer only).
  • Have already received an undergraduate or graduate degree from CU-Boulder and do not wish to apply to another degree program.
  • Are a high school student.
  • Are a licensed teacher with a baccalaureate degree who seeks only to renew a current license and who does not require institutional endorsement or recommendation.
  • Are on nondegree student academic suspension and wish to raise your grade point average (GPA) to have your academic suspension released.

You may not apply as a nondegree student if you formerly attended CU-Boulder as a degree student and have not yet received a degree. You must reapply for admission as a degree student. If you are interested in attending summer only, see the Former/Readmit Degree Students information.

If you want to attend CU-Boulder as a nondegree student, submit the Continuing Education online application

If you want to attend CU-Boulder as a degree student visit the prospective student website for information and to access the online application.

If you have already applied for admission to an undergraduate degree program at CU-Boulder for summer session or fall semester 2015 contact the admissions office at 303-492-6301.

Nondegree High School Students

High School students interested in the challenge of university course work may enroll in Summer Session courses. This unstructured, unchaperoned program is best for students looking to accelerate their learning in a specific area or for students hoping to get a feel for college courses on a college campus.

Students will earn college credit that may transfer to CU-Boulder or other colleges in the future, and may also earn credit toward high school graduation requirements. In order to enroll, students will need written approval from both a parent/guardian and a high school counselor/principal.

To enroll, complete the High School Concurrent Application pdf. For more information, or to contact the program coordinator, visit the Continuing Education High School website.

Nondegree Admission and Registration Policies

As a nondegree student, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to qualify for admission (unless you are currently a high school student). You may register for courses on a pass/fail basis; however, such courses count toward the maximum number of pass/fail credits allowed if you change to degree status. If you have completed 6 semester hours of credit at CU-Boulder, you must maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA in order to avoid suspension. Admission as a nondegree student does not guarantee future admission to a degree program.

If you are considering applying to CU-Boulder as a degree student in the future, meet with a Continuing Education academic advisor to learn about your academic options. We want to help you be successful at the University of Colorado and meet your academic goals. Requirements for admission vary by your status (freshman, transfer, second-degree student), so set up an academic advising appointment before you enroll in classes. If you are under age 22, please bring to your advising appointment copies of your high school transcript, any college transcripts, and your SAT or ACT scores. Advising appointments can be held by phone or in person. To make an appointment visit the Continuing Education Student Resources website.

For additional information about admission procedures and registration status contact Continuing Education at 303-492-5148.

Nondegree Students Transferring to a Degree Program

Undergraduate Students

If you are currently enrolled or have ever been enrolled at any CU campus as a nondegree student and want to transfer to a degree program, visit the prospective student website for information and to access the online application.

A degree-seeking applicant may transfer an unlimited number of credits taken as a nondegree student on any CU campus. However, applicability of these hours toward degree requirements is established by the colleges and schools. We suggest that you apply to a degree program as soon as you know you would like to seek a degree. You may want to talk with an admission counselor about admission eligibility requirements first. Students admitted to a degree program are required to attend mandatory degree orientation programs.

Graduate Students

If you are interested in earning a graduate degree, you should consult with the appropriate graduate department prior to the completion of 9 semester hours earned as a nondegree student. A department may recommend to the graduate dean the acceptance of as many as 9 semester hours toward a master’s degree and 21 semester hours toward a doctoral degree. Limits and transfer credit criteria may vary by department. If you are seeking a degree from CU-Boulder you must complete the majority of your course work while enrolled in a graduate program as a degree-seeking student.