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Former/Readmitted Degree Students

Undergraduate Students

If you are a former CU-Boulder degree student who is returning to a degree program and you did not attend during spring semester 2014 and want to attend the summer session only, you may apply through Continuing Education using the online application. Students who were academically suspended from a CU-Boulder program at the end of spring semester 2013 or before, and wish to raise their grade point average (GPA) and have their suspension released through summer course work, should also apply online through Continuing Education. If the suspension is removed once summer work is completed, students will need to contact their dean’s office to have the service indicator (stop) released. Contact the registrar’s office for enrollment information.

Note: Some students on suspension may be required to receive permission from their college or school. Check with your college, school, or program's dean’s office.

If you are on academic suspension at the end of spring semester 2014, you do not need to reapply for admission (see the Continuing Degree Students section)

Graduate Students

If you are a former student applying to a different graduate degree program, you must consult with your department for appropriate application forms and instructions. If you are a former graduate degree student who did not attend spring semester 2014 and are returning to your previous graduate degree program and level, you must reapply for admission through your department.