Welcome to the Student Worker Alliance Program!                                  Max Gompertz and Rodolfo Munoz

Our mission is to bring together systematically divided campus sectors to share a common learning and cultural experience. This is accomplished by providing free and convenient English language classes to predominantly immigrant University employees who hold under appreciated yet indispensable positions throughout the campus.

SWAP provides free interactive and culturally informative trainings to university student volunteers through the Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement, preparing them to teach one-on-one or small group English classes. SWAP operates through the support of an always evolving organizing committee, part-time student staff positions and an expansive volunteer network.

We emphasize more interactive skills like how to speak with a doctor, communication with their children's teachers, as well as daily activities like how to take advantage of public transit or go to the bank, just to name a few. We use materials provided by Intercambio Uniting Communities here in Boulder, and a foreign language background is not necessary to participate.

The time commitment for each volunteer is a one-time, four hour training and one hour classes twice a week for 9 weeks. SWAP works to provide the most flexible teaching schedule possible, and we hope that you will consider this program as a way to give back to the CU community!

                                                          Send us an email from the link below and get involved!