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Welcome to the Sigma Gamma Tau main page!

The Society:
We are the honor society chapter for Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sigma Gamma Tau is a national society that seeks to identify and recognize achievement and excellence in the Aerospace field. There are 50 collegiate chapters with more than 20,000 members. Every year, students, alumni, and professionals that meet the standards of the society are nominated for membership

Every student in Aerospace Engineering at the University who meets the class rankings below, has at least a B (85%) grade point average, and has completed at least 3 semesters of college credit will receive an invitation to attend an informational meeting. Further information will be given there on how to obtain society membership.

top 1/5 of class
top 1/4 of class
top 1/3 of class

As an honor society, Sigma Gamma Tau is primarily a service organization. We provide free tutoring in all aerospace classes during the semester (see Tutoring tab), as well as host several educational activities throughout the year.

Updated: 3/16/2015