August Holy Days

Holy Day: Ramadan Dates: June 28th-July 28th, 2014 

Practitioners: Muslim

Description: Considered one of the five pillars of Islam, the origin of Ramadan stems from the belief that the prophet Mohammad received his first revelation during the month of Ramadan.

Celebrations: Month of prayer and total fasting during daylight hours, even including water. Family meals go late into the evening.

Recommended Accommodations: Please avoid major academic activities if possible and expect low energy from practicing students.
Holy Day: Laylat al-Qadr Dates: July 24, 2014

Practitioners: Muslim

Description: In english, "Night of Destiny" is the anniversary of the night the first verses of the Quran were believed to be written down by the prophet Muhammad.

Celebrations: Pray extra prayers this day, particularly the night prayer.

Recommended Accommodations: None
Holy Day: Eid al Fitr Dates: July 28th, 2014

Practitioners: Muslim

Description: In English, "Feast of Breaking the Fast," marks the end of Ramadan.

Celebrations: It is marked by a day of feasting and celebration.

Recommended Accommodations: Pleaes avoid major academic activities if possible and please excuse absences.
Holy Day: Assumption of Mary Dates: August 15th, 2014

Practitioners: Catholic/Christian

Description: Celebration of Mary's victory over sin and death when she was bodily assumed into heaven.

Celebrations: All Catholics are asked to attend Mass on this day.

Recommended Accommodations: Please remind Catholic students to plan ahead on Mass attendance so as not to miss academic expectations.
Holy Day: Raksha Bandhan Dates: August 10th, 2014 

Practitioners: Hindu

Description: A festival celebrating siblings.

Celebrations: Marked by tying a "holy thread" (a rakhi) by the sister on her brother's wrist. The brother in return offers a gift to the sister and vows to look after her.

Recommended Accommodations: None
Holy Day: Krishna Janmashtami Dates: August 17th, 2014

Practitioners: Hindu

Description: Celebrates the major deity Krishna's birth.

Celebrations: Fasting on day one along with all night chanting.

Recommended Accommodations: Please avoid major academic activities and please excuse absences.