This ministry and community begins with welcome. This is a community called to welcome long-time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people with no faith tradition. God has called us to welcome people of every color and culture, every sexual orientation and gender identity, people filled with faith and doubt. Please be welcome in this place to celebrate and sorrow, rejoice and recover. Be welcome. 

Bread + Belonging | Tues | @6.00pm
Our life together is forged over a home cooked meal each Tuesday night at 6.00pm at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church (That's right. We play well with others.) on Colorado Ave, just across from the Engineering Center. Over dinner students connect and share the week's joys and concerns. A weekly program follows that can be anything from worship to bible study to presentations and conversations to guest speakers.

Dinner Church at Grace | Sun | @6.00pm
Sunday night we gather to be fed (literally & metaphorically) for the week ahead at Grace Lutheran Church on the Hill. Our worship takes place around a big table (where everyone is welcome) with soup, bread, a cup of wine, a short homily-ish thing from Pastor Zach, conversation, and prayer. Join us each week to be nourished, connected, and sent into the week ahead.

Lunch on Campus | Thurs | 11.45am-1pm
PZ meets an eclectic group of undergrads, grads, faculty, and staff for a casual, social lunch each week in the University Memorial Center (in the dining room with the Domino's). Stop by and say, "Hi!"

Whether it is feeding the hungry, giving cookies to students on their way to class, or getting together for social events (like the ski retreat or funky formal), LCM works hard to put our faith into action.
Last year, LCM went on a spectacular and spirit-filled spring break trip to Los Angeles to work with the New City Parish. Stay tuned to see where we're headed this year!

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Amy Mundinger - Textile Artist