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Biomedical Engineering Society Mentor Program


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The purpose of the CU BMES Mentor Program is to provide undergraduate engineering students with a resource to help them succeed in their collegiate careers. Entering college is an overwhelming experience for everyone. The Mentor Program aims to help make the transition from high school to college a bit easier, ultimately, through the relationships between mentor and mentee.


What are the CU BMES Mentor Program’s goals?

  • - Pair undergraduate engineering students with a mentor

  • - Extend a helping hand during the first year of college

  • - Provide information about engineering majors and different classes

  • - Exist as a resource to answer non-academic questions

    - Build the CU BMES program


Who can be involved?

  • - Mentees - Freshmen and sophomores

  • - Mentors - Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students


What do mentors and mentees do?

  • - There are no requirements for the mentor program. Individuals can choose to structure their mentor/mentee relationship in any way.

  • - Once a month there will be a social event for all mentors and mentees to attend together

    - Throughout the semester the pair can stay in contact via email, phone, individual meetings or BMES meetings


Why should I become a mentor?

  • - Great leadership experience

  • - The opportunity to share wisdom with and inspire a younger student


Why should I become a mentee?

  • - Direct advice from someone who has already done what you are attempting

  • - Information about courses, instructors, internships and research opportunities

  • - Making a new friend and building a relationship with someone in your area


How do I sign up?

  • - Simply copy and paste the form below into any word editing program, fill it out, and email it to cubmes@gmail.com.


CU BMES Mentoring Program

The Biomedical Engineering Society here at CU is pleased to present a BMES Mentoring Program. Freshmen and Sophomores will be paired with upperclassmen who can serve as academic mentors. If you are interested in taking part in the program, please complete the following :

Name: ______________________

Email Address: ________________________

Cell Phone Number (optional): ______________________

Current Year:
Freshman _______ Sophomore ______ Junior _______ Senior__________

BME Interests:



Extracurricular Interests:



Hometown and State:

Residence Hall:


Are you currently a member of the Honors Program?
Yes ______ No ______


Next Meeting Information

First meeting of the Fall 2014 semester!

Sept. 3, 2014, 5 - 6:30 PM

ECCR 139


Industry Advisory Council-Department of Mechanical Engineering

Colorado Engineering Dean's office

Colorado Engineering Dean's Office