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The ASSG office is located in the UMC 121, feel free to stop by during our office hours! Also, if you have general questions regarding the board or the funding process, you can email us at

Office Hours
Time: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00am         Will
10:00am   Jerome Antonio   Will
11:00am Franky Katie Antonio   Frankie
noon     Jerome   Ilsa
1:00pm Chelsea   Chelsea    
2:00pm Ellie



Rachel Samantha  
3:00pm Ellie Dylan   Ethan  
4:00pm   Katie  




President: Jerome Castillon Email

Vice President: Rachel Leonard Email

Secretary: Samantha Williams Email

Treasurer: Will Fattor Email

Co-Executive: Chelsea Canada Email

Co-Executive: Antonio Bricca Email

Legislator: Ethan Armitano Email

Legislator: Ellie Falletta Email

Legislator: Ilsa Hale Email

Legislator: Franky Navarrette Email

Legislator: Katie Raitz Email

Legislator: Dylan Whitman Email