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Our History & Formation

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) was started in 1980 as a joint venture between Peter Diamandis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Todd Hawley at Princeton University. The group had a simple vision which continues to serve as its underlying guiding principle today: to unite students with enthusiasm for the exploration and eventual development of space. SEDS has a central national chapter (SEDS-USA) whose elected members act as a coordinating body for over 20 chapters at various universities and high schools throughout the United States. SEDS also puts on the annual Space Visions conference, which is hosted by a different chapter every year. The conference allows SEDS members from across the country to come together and be audience to an impressive list of speakers, to network, and to simply enjoy the company of fellow space enthusiasts. SEDS-USA also coordinates national projects, providing chapters opportunities to work together on projects too large for one chapter to tackle alone.


The CUSEDS Mission

CUSEDS is an independent, student-based organization dedicated to uniting space enthusiasts throughout the extended CU Boulder community. CUSEDS provides information, motivation, leadership development, and networking opportunities concerning the exploration and development of space. CUSEDS is committed to inspiring and reaching out to K-12 students within the Boulder area in the hope they will pursue careers in science, engineering, and other space related fields.


CUSEDS is a great way to meet new people, get involved in promoting space activities, and develop your career! If you are a believer in space development consider joining CUSEDS.

The CUSEDS People


Former Club Presidents

(Order of term & active
years within CUSEDS)

Ben Herbert, Founder 2006

Sean O'Dell, 2006-2007

Bruce Davis, 2006-2009

Amanda Heaton, 2007-2008

Robert Lossing, 2007-2009

Laura Stiles, 2008-2010

Jeremy Klammer 2010-2011

Kyle Shannon 2011-2012

Christopher Nie 2012-2013

Former Members

(Active years of those who played key roles in promoting & maintaining CUSEDS)

Ryan Kobrick, 2006-2010

Jonathan Metts, 2006-2010

Dan Baca, 2006-2008

Lisa Shay, 2006-2008

Danielle Massey, 2006-2008

Kennda Lynch, 2006-2008

Liz Gauthier, 2006-2008

Bruce Davis, 2007-2011

Collin Nugen, 2012-2014

Abijeet Kumar, 2012-2014m,.



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