Welcome back

pledges and actives!

We hope that each of you had a fantastic winter break and are revamped and excited for an awesome spring semester! If anyone has suggestions or feedback for future meetings such as events or speakers please email aed@colorado.edu and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas. We love hearing what you loved/ hated so we can make this semester the best yet!!

Please remember ALL necessary forms will be found at the bottom of the "membership" tab when the bugs are fixed and the PDFs work!!





We look forward to seeing you this upcoming semester! Please remember pledge meetings begin at 5:30 PM and active meetings at 6 PM. Pledges just attend every meeting and actives may choose which monthly meeting to attend. All meetings are held Sundays in BENSON 180! The meeting dates are as follows:


January 26th 2014 MANDATORY

Febuary 9th 2014

Febuary 23rd 2014

March 9th, 2014

April 6th, 2014

April 13th, 2014 MANDATORY

APRIL 26th........ 9 news health fair MANDATORY


Check out the opportunities tab for upcoming AED events!!



Alpha Epsilon Delta Colorado Alpha Chapter
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