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On-Call Application

Payroll Expense Transfer Forms

  • Late Pay to Work-Study Transfer
    Late timesheet submitted, employer charged 100% and needs transferred to work-study
    Summer 2014 | 2014-15
  • Hourly to Work-Study Transfer
    Employer charged 100% until work-study granted or student was incorrectly set up in HRMS
    Summer 2014| 2014-15
  • Suspense/Employer Charges Involving Work-Study Transfer
    Suspense Charges or Employer Charges (wsr or wsc on statement) but needs moved to another FOPPS
    Summer 2014 | 2014-15

Request to Hire a Non-CU Student

Request Form

Student Job Offer Letter

Student Job Offer Letter (pdf)
Student Job Offer Letter (word)

Work-Study Balance Worksheets

Work-Study Increase Request Form


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