STEP 1: Go to

               -Login to your myCUinfo account using your IdentiKey and chosen password.

                              (Your IdentiKey should be assigned to you during orientation)



STEP 2: Select the Student tab up at the top of your screen.


STEP 3: Scroll down and look in the middle of your screen under the Financial portal. Select the Student Employment tab.



STEP 4: Select from on-campus/off-campus, work-study/hourly jobs.



STEP 5:  Click on the desired folder and choose a category of employment that interests you.



STEP 6: These categories are divided into more specific subcategories. Select a subcategory to view the job titles.



STEP 7: Click on the job titles to view each posting.




STEP 8: Once you find a posting that interests you, contact the employer directly using the contact information provided in the posting. 

                        (For example, contact them using their email address or listed telephone number)