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StudentJobs@CUBoulder - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the job system?

We have received lots of feedback that employers want more control over their own job announcements, and the new system accomplishes that. Employers can create new jobs, edit existing posts, and activate or close the posts at their discretion. You do not need to contact the Student Employment Office for every change- it is all right at your fingertips in StudentJobs@CUBoulder.

What will be different for students?

The student view will be exactly the same. This new system only impacts how employers create and maintain job postings, but nothing about how students see them.

Where are my job postings?

Any jobs you are currently advertising should show in the center section of your Home screen, labeled "Open Jobs Visible to Students." It will be up to you to create additional postings as necessary to advertise openings to students. To create a record for a job you would like to post, use the Add a Job function in the top left menu - view a step-by-step guide to creating jobs.

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If I make changes to a job, does it need to be re-approved by CU?

Yes, changes to a job posting will require a second look from CU, which takes no more than two business days. However, if you close and later reopen a job without changing it, it will become Open/Visible to students immediately. If you have multiple distinct positions that you hire for (for example someone to babysit in summer and someone else to tutor during the school year) you should create multiple jobs so you can manage the positions independently.

How can I get help navigating StudentJobs@CUBoulder?

We have put together step-by-step guides for creating an employee profile and managing job postings the new system, and our office is always happy to help - you can reach us during normal business hours at 303-492-7349.

Can I share an account with other users?

It is up to you who may have access to your employer profile; sometimes groups find it easier to share one login name than to manage separate accounts. The Student Employment Office does not have the ability to link multiple profiles together, but you are welcome to manage your account and share it as you see fit.

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Can I change my username?

If you would like to use a different login name, we ask that you simply create a new profile with the new desired information. You can complete this in just a couple minutes by following our step-by-step guide to creating a profile. Once the new profile is active, just let us know that you would like the old one deleted, and we will do that behind the scenes for you.

How do I delete a job?

The system is set up so that you never need to delete a job - you can leave a job inactive for as long as you would like. However, if you have a position you would like deleted from your record, contact the Student Employment Office and we can help.

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