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Getting Paid

Student employees who work on campus or at an approved off-campus Work-Study agency are paid by the University.

  • Before you can be paid, you must provide verification of your employment eligibility and submit the required documentation.
  • As a student employee, you will be entered into the payroll system as a Student Assistant I-VI, depending on your job description. Your pay rate will be determined by your job class and your employer.
  • On a daily basis, you will fill out a time sheet or use a time clock to report the hours you work. Your timesheet is turned in to your department on a bi-weekly basis and you are paid for actual hours worked (not anticipated hours). Your signature on the time sheet certifies that you are reporting your hours accurately. Your supervisor will verify your time sheet and sign it.
  • Any misreporting of hours will be reported to the Student Employment Office, Office of Student Conduct, and the CU Police Department, who will do their own investigations and charge you accordingly. Consult your employer for the exact payroll procedures for your on-campus department or off-campus agency.
  • You will receive a paycheck every other Friday, beginning with the second payday after you start working. The amount of your check depends on your pay rate and the number of hours you worked during the previous pay period.
  • Your payroll advice will be available in myCUinfo on each payday.
  • Please note: Updating your address with the Registrar does not update your address on the CU Payroll system. If your address has changed, you should change it in myCUinfo. Failure to do so could result in the delay of your paycheck and/or your W-2 form in January. If you are not a current CU student, you will need to contact Employee Services at 303-860-4200.
  • To comply with the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1990, all CU student employees (Work-Study and non Work-Study) will be automatically enrolled into a retirement fund if they either: work 40 or more hours a week or are enrolled less than half time. Half time is 6 credit hours for undergraduates or 4 credit hours for graduate students.