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*When figuring # of weeks the student will work, please use the schedule of pay periods. Each pay period is two weeks.

**If you are requesting a work-study increase to fund more than 25 hours per week, we ask that the student fax (x2-4544) or email ( a letter of explanation addressing how he/she will successfully manage these work hours while maintaining satisfactory academic performance.

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Other comments/special circumstances:

If the student's only financial aid eligibility consists of accepted loans, if approved for a work-study increase, he/she will need to return some of the accepted loans before an increase can be granted.

(Note: Loan funds that have already disbursed must be repaid to the Bursar's Office)

  • Completion of this form does not guarantee an increase.
  • If we are unable to grant the request upon receipt, it is kept on file should funds become available.
  • Students must have remaining financial aid eligibility to be considered for an increase.
  • Students are notified of an increase with a revised award letter.
  • Employers are notified with a letter or email.
  • Until notification is received, you must calculate how many hours a student can work based on their original award.