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If a student is granted a work-study award and you would like their previous earnings transferred to work-study, you will need to complete the Hourly to Work-Study Transfer Request Form. There is no guarantee we can grant the payroll expense transfer (PET) request.

If the student's only financial aid eligibility consists of accepted loans, if approved for an award, he/she will need to return some of the accepted loans before an award can be granted.

(Note: Loan funds that have already disbursed must be repaid to the Bursar's Office)

  • Completion of this form does not guarantee an award.
  • If we are unable to grant the request upon receipt, it is kept on file should funds become available.
  • Students must have remaining financial aid eligibility to be considered for an award.
  • Students are notified of an award with a revised award letter.
  • Employers are notified with a letter or email.