Paying On-Campus Student Employees

Student employees who work on campus or at an approved off-campus Work-Study agency are paid by the University.

  • There are some important differences between hourly student employees and work-study student employees. Make sure you know who you're hiring!
  • Before a student employee can be paid, he/she must provide verification of employment eligibility and submit the required documentation.
  • Student employees are entered into the payroll system as Student Assistants (I-VI), depending on your job description.
  • Pay rates are determined by job class and employer.
  • On a daily basis, student employees fill out time sheets or use a time clock to report the hours worked. Time sheets should be turned in on a bi-weekly basis so students can be paid for actual hours worked. Student employees CANNOT be paid for anticipated hours. Supervisors verify time sheets and sign to approve the hours reported.
  • Any misreporting of hours should be reported to Student Employment immediately.
  • Student employees called for jury duty are compensated. (View how to enter hours in time collection).
  • Student Employment offers periodic trainings throughout the year for both departmental Payroll Liaisons  through Human Resources and for Supervisors of student employees through Organizational and Employee Development.
  • Student employees can view their payroll advices in MyCUInfo on each payday.
  • To comply with the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1990, all CU student employees (work-study and non work-study) will be automatically enrolled into a retirement fund if they either: work 40 or more hours a week or are enrolled less than half time. Half time is 6 credit hours for undergraduates or 4 credit hours for graduate students.
  • Students are limited to working a maximum of 25 hours per week (or 50 hours per bi-weekly pay period) during the fall and spring semesters and to 40 hours per week (or 80 hours per bi-weekly pay period) during the summer. View the Student Hourly Employee Work Hours Policy.
  • Departments submitting late payments must retain sufficient documentation to substantiate hours worked for actual pay period.
  • View Payroll Calendar.