At the University of Colorado at Boulder, we are committed to creating an environment that supports everyone in reaching their goals. Harassment and discrimination adversely affect our community. As a member of the community, you have a significant and important role to play in preventing harassment and discrimination. Understanding the university’s Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy will assist you in enabling us to create an inclusive and supportive community for all.

The Office of Student Conduct has been charged with the responsibility to provide this policy training for all undergraduate students.

The Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy Education session will review the values, goals and specifics of these policies; assist students in understanding the university’s interpretation of these polices. This session will also provide resources and ways of resolving situations should any student or their friends experience either discrimination or sexual harassment as a member of the University of Colorado-Boulder community

The Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy education is a mandatory part of the orientation requirements for all new undergraduate students at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Students who fail to attend these mandatory trainings are not able to complete their registration process and must attend a make-up session in order to have their registration stop cleared.

For more information on these mandatory training sessions or to schedule a training session or make-up training session, please contact Daniel Easton at (303) 492-5550.

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