Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to procedures for resolving disputes by means other than formal judicial or student conduct processes. At the Office of Student Conduct, these procedures include Restorative Justice and Mediation. The goal of these procedures is to allow parties to resolve a dispute without the influence of an outside arbiter or "judge".

Both restorative justice and mediation procedures utilize a third party facilitator or mediator who is neutral and does not make decisions for the parties. Instead, the facilitator or mediator creates a format for discussion, holds parties to ground rules, helps organize the dispute into manageable issues, and guides brainstorming for possible solutions. If the parties are not able to create an agreement, then the case is typically referred back to the formal judicial or student conduct process for resolution.

Please refer to the links to the left for more information on how Restorative Justice and Mediation is utilized at the Office of Student Conduct.


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