Mission, Vision and Values

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The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to establish an ethic of care at the University of Colorado at Boulder, through its preventive, behavioral and accountability practices. Establishment of an ethic of care will assist in providing a safe, respectful and supportive community where students, parents, faculty and staff will be challenged to develop their critical thinking, values, connectedness to the community, sense of identity, understanding of independence and interdependence and multicultural awareness.

An "ethic of care" model for Student Conduct is a holistic approach to engage community members regarding their behaviors and responsibilities, recognizing that concern for self and others in a community of individuals can have a powerful impact. The values, functional practices and programs of the Office of Student Conduct support this holistic model and demonstrate an effort to aid in student development and contribute to a positive, successful and respectful living and learning environment throughout the university community.


The Office of Student Conduct will lead the ethical and civic development of the campus community by providing educational opportunities and accountability in the administration of the student conduct process.

Core Values

The values of the Office of Student Conduct provide a framework for programs and practices that mirror institutional values. The Office of Student Conduct' values are:

Civic responsibility and student involvement
Education and development of all students
Respect, dignity and equity
A socially just community
Responsibility, accountability and critical thinking
Fairness, honesty, and integrity.

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