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Standards & Conduct

Students in ClassBeginning with Welcome Day, students learn about the rights, responsibilities, and privileges they gain by being members of the CU-Boulder community.  This mandatory program educates incoming students on the social and civic responsibilities expected of CU students.

The University of Colorado Boulder Honor Code establishes a fundamental social contract within which the university community agrees to live.  Each member of the university community pledges to personally uphold the values of trust, respect and honor.

Expectations for students, faculty and staff conduct are most clearly articulated in the tenets of the Colorado Creed:

As a member of the Boulder community and the University of Colorado Boulder, I agree to:
Act with honor, integrity and accountability in my interactions with students, faculty, staff and neighbors.
Respect the rights of others and accept our differences.
Contribute to the greater good of this community.

I will strive to uphold these principles in all aspects of my collegiate experience and beyond.

This overarching set of values is supported by the Student Code of Conduct, which fosters a campus community that is a place of study, work, and residence where people treat one another with respect and courtesy. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct are handled by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Students who need help navigating the student conduct process or who have other legal issues that keep them from fully focusing on academics may benefit from the advice of Student Legal Services. In addition to offering low-cost legal advice, Student Legal Services  strives to educate students about their rights, responsibilities, and the legal system so that they can avoid future legal problems.

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