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Student Affairs Vision, Mission & Core Values

Student Affairs Purpose

Student Affairs facilitates and enhances the personal growth, success, health, and well-being of every student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Student Affairs Vision

To be a national leader in the provision of exemplary programs and services that enhance student success.

Student Affairs Mission

To develop and implement innovative programs and services that positively impact student success, retention and graduation ratesengagement, and campus climate.

Student Affairs Core Values and Operating Principles
We are a collaborative team:

- creating and embracing a welcoming, inclusive environment;
- committed to working together with mutual respect and a shared vision;
- where every individual is committed  to excellence in everything we do;
- with a dedication to ethics and integrity; and
- continuously improving and leading through innovation.

Value Proposition 

With our holistic understanding of students, we are uniquely positioned to personalize the student experience and advocate for students, enhancing their success inside and outside the classroom.

Download the Student Affairs Strategic Plan

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