Where Do I Start?

CU-Boulder Campus
Click here for a printable listing of student involvement activities.

Read How Buffs Get In the Mix

Check out our Involvement Video: Which Direction Will You Choose?

Check out: In the Mix @ CU for up-to-date information on what's happening every single day and to learn more about student groups on campus. http://www.colorado.edu/inthemix/index.html

Talk to Your RA (Resident Adviser) They are a great resource and are also students so they know where to go and who to talk to. Or become an RA yourself! Your RA can tell you how, or check out housing.colorado.edu/jobs.

Join a Club or Organization Visit: Student Clubs and Organizations or CUSG Student Club Guide. If you cannot find a group that shares your interests, it's easy to start your own. Visit the SOFO (Student Organizations Finance Office to find out how.

Visit the UMC Many student groups have offices in the UMC. Check out the UMC's Student Group Directory

Involvement Week Attend the Student Involvement and Volunteer Fairs, held within the first three

Work on Campus Visit the Student Employment office in Regent 205 or look on CU Connect (Financial Tab) to see open positions. Students working 10-20 hours a week on campus statistically do better in their

Events Calendar: http://www.colorado.edu/events. Bookmark this site or you can sign up for an RSS feed for updates. You can search for events by type: Arts/Culture,

Buff Bulletins/Student E-memos: a great way for groups to advertise on campus. Read

Faculty and Staff: Staff and faculty are a great resource. They'll point

Get Out There! Go to events, hang out on campus, read fliers, and meet people.

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