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Student Affairs Values


Our actions are congruent with and reflective of our values, mission, and goals and consider the needs of all members of the CU community.

Student development & learning

We encourage and support students’ personal, interpersonal and academic growth inside and outside the classroom, and model lifelong learning and personal and community development.

Social Justice

We work to facilitate full and equal access and participation in all aspects of university life.  We work to reduce bias and injustice, and to remove barriers that impede success and development.

Service exellence & innovation

We improve service delivery in response to the needs of students’ multiple identities and developmental needs. We continuously seek new and creative ways to educate students and families about our services.

Mutual respect

We honor and appreciate all members of the community. We hold students and other constituents in high regard and see the inherent worth in others while challenging behaviors and/or attitudes that are counter to these principles.

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