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If you are in crisis or experiencing an emergency that requires immediate assistance, please call 911

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Campus Resources

Center for Multicultural Affairs (303) 492-5667
Counseling and Psychological Services: A Multicultural Center (303) 492-6766
CU Police Department (303) 492-6666
Community Health Resource Center (303) 492-2937
Disability Services (303) 492-8671
Discrimination and Harassment Office (303) 492-2127
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (303) 492-3020
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (303) 492-1377
Nightride/Nightwalk (303) 492-7233
Office of Student Conduct (303) 492-5550
Office of Victim Assistance (303) 492-8855
Ombuds Office (303) 492-5077
Wardenburg Department of Psychological Health and Psychiatry (303) 492-5654
Women’s Resource Center (303) 492-5713

Community Resources (24-hour Service)

Boulder Community Hospital Emergency Room (303) 440-2037
Mental Health Center of Boulder County 303-447-1665
Colorado Anti-Violence Program (COAVP) (303) 839-5204
Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) (303) 443-7300
Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence (303) 444-2424

To make an official report, contact the UCPD at 303-492-6666, or Boulder Police at 303-441-3333.. Contacting the police may begin a criminal investigation, but generally does not unless you choose to do so or if you are under the age of 18. The CU-Boulder Office of Victim Assistance, MESA, and the Boulder County Safehouse can also facilitate official reporting through law enforcement if desired as well as answer any questions or concerns you might have about reporting options.


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