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Bias Incident Reporting

The University of Colorado Boulder aspires to be an inclusive and welcoming community and remains committed to creating and maintaining and safe, respectful and welcoming environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals.  Bias acts destroy and undermine these core principles of community and respect and harm our entire community. 

Information on how our university responds to acts of bias involving students can be found on the Office of Institutional Compliance (OIEC) Policy website. CU Boulder values freedom of expression as guaranteed to all individuals in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; encouraging and supporting debate and open discussion and disagreement on our campus remains important to us. OIEC's role is to address the impact of demeaning and hurtful statements as well as acts of intolerance directed towards protected classes as defined by our university policy. This role is not intended to be a disciplinary procedure or tool or to subvert/override the authority or responsibility of any university office designated to address complaints of alleged discrimination, harassment or hate crimes. Those offices will continue to be resources which take reports, investigate complaints and address behaviors.  OIEC's role is intended to support the efforts of all offices and to ensure timely and appropriate responses to incidents that appear to be bias-motivated involving University of Colorado students.

OIEC aims to:

  1. Support the safety and well-being of our students.
  2. Provide a reporting system that is easy to access and understandable.
  3. Track, document and assess bias incidents in order to identify trends and issues and utilize this data to improve responsiveness.
  4. Assess the effectiveness of the University bias reporting protocol and make needed changes.

The University remains committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus for all. It is our intent through this protocol to better support the success and well-being of all of our students.

Procedures for Reporting

Students who perceive that they have experienced a bias-motivated incident, as well as students, faculty or staff who are witnesses to a bias incident involving students, are urged to report the incident.

To report bias-motivated incidents, community members can call the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance at (303) 492-2127 or visit their reporting webpage


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