Division of Student Affairs Social Justice Statement

CU-Boulder Campus

Our community encompasses the Division of Student Affairs, as well as the greater university community of faculty, staff, students and partners of the university. We seek to hold each other mutually responsible for our actions and challenge each other with regard to issues of social justice, as positive change benefits all members of the community. To meet this goal, the Division of Student Affairs will hold its staff accountable for fostering a socially just community and support those efforts throughout the institution. Recognizing that there are levels of oppression and privilege, the Division of Student Affairs seeks to challenge attitudes regarding difference within our current community, and to foster change at all levels of society, from individual appreciation to organizational structures and norms.

In our efforts to foster a foundation of understanding across the broader university community, it is essential to present some common language which will lead to true celebration of difference.

  • Social justice full and equal participation of all groups in our community, where individuals are safe, self-determining and interdependent. It is important to be aware of and understand societal diversity, but true equity arises from education, advocacy and accountability. 
  • Diversity (Social or Societal Diversity) difference in our community whichincludes race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, all genders, sexual orientation, ability, religion and country of origin.
  • Multiculturalism when an individual feels comfortable and communicates effectively with people from any culture, in any situation, because they have developed the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.
  • Education the division's efforts are systematically and philosophically linked to the overall academic mission of the institution. Individual and group education is a vehicle for change.
  • Ally someone with power and/or privilege who engages consistently or continually in social justice opportunities, to promote celebration of self and others.
  • Advocacy to be engaged in social justice work for yourself and others.
  • Accountability/mutual responsibility by accepting the consequences that result from our choices, we move beyond lip service to action and ultimately affect change.
  • Support the work is difficult, ongoing and individual, resulting in varied challenges throughout the community. Effecting change requires the active engagement of allies across the continuum.

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