Campus Communications provides access to student mailing addresses for campus affiliated organizations, student groups, and outside vendors. All mailing list requests are subject to the conditions specified in the University of Colorado Access to Student Mailing Lists Policy. Directory information that may be accessed includes: student name, year in school, major, local address, permanent address and degrees granted. Campus email addresses and personally identifiable information such as race, gender, and religion are not available.

Student Access Request Form (Required to attain list)

Student Access Mailing Agreement (Required to attain list)

Advertising Guidelines (Compliance required to attain list)

Please Note: Names of students who have requested privacy or semi-privacy status will be excluded from all lists.

Lists may be purchased in the following formats:

  1. MS Excel spreadsheet CD
  2. MS Excel spreadsheet email attachment

Please note that the USPS requires that all Standard rate mail pass through National Change of Address (NCOA) address correction software prior to mailing, thereby requiring an electronic list.

Customers are required to provide:

  1. One ASML Request Form
  2. One Student Mailing Agreement for each list ordered.
  3. A complete sample of the mailing, either in hard-copy format or provided via email as a PDF, including a sample of the envelope with return address if one will be used.
  4. A deposit check in the amount of $75.00, made payable to the University of Colorado, is required at the time of submission. This deposit represents a nonrefundable minimum fee for processing. Incomplete requests will be returned to the customers.

As of Jan. 1, 2013, the following rates apply:

  • Vendors: $0.20 / name
  • Affiliates: $0.10 / name

All requests are submitted to the CU Student Access Committee for review and approval prior to the release of information. The Committee at its discretion may choose to require edits or to reject the request. Customers whose applications are rejected by the Committee may appeal the decision to:

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
31 UCB
University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309-0031

Please allow three weeks for processing of all lists. For more information, or to place a request, contact:

Erin Frazier
Campus Communications
584 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0584